2016 May San Juan Islands sea kayak

Lummi Matia Sucia Clark islands. Photos by 3 of us.
P1230061  BethArt for  Jeanne P1230065  Depart Gooseberry Pt P1230066
P1230068 P1230069 P1230071  South end Matia I
P1230072  South end Matia I P1230073 P1230074
P1230075 P1230076 P1230078
P1230079 P1230082 P1230083  Ben
P1230086 P1230087 P1230088
P1230090 P1230091 P1230093
P1230094 P1230095 P1230096
P1230097  enroute to Sucia I P1230098  enroute to Sucia I P1230099
P1230101 P1230102  Sucia I P1230103
P1230104 P1230105 P1230108
P1230110 P1230111 P1230112
P1230113 P1230114 P1230115
P1230116 P1230117 P1230118
P1230119  Running water on Sucia I P1230120 P1230121
P1230122 P1230123 P1230124
P1230125 P1230126 P1230127
P1230128 P1230129 P1230130
P1230131 P1230132 P1230133
P1230134 P1230138 P1230144
P1230146 P1230147 P1230148
P1230150 P1230152 P1230154
P1230155 P1230156 P1230157
P1230158 P1230159 P1230161
P1230163 P1230164 P1230166
P1230169 P1230170 P1230171
P1230172 P1230173 P1230174
P1230175 P1230177 P1230181
P1230185 P1230186 P1230187
P1230189 P1230191 P1230197
P1230199 P1230200 P1230204
P1230209 P1230212 P1230217
P1230218 P1230220 P1230222
P1230223 P1230227 P1230229
P1230234 P1230238 P1230239
P1230240 P1230242 P1230243
P1230245 P1230246 P1230247
IMG 5909 P1230251 P1230253
P1230254 P1230256 20160523 075615 Beth 0013
20160523 075808 Beth 0019 20160523 081346 Beth 0021 P1230262
IMG 5913 P1230265 P1230267
P1230269 P1230270 P1230272
P1230275 P1230276 P1230277
P1230279 P1230280 P1230281
P1230282  kayaker Olympia to Bham, now solo to Port Hardy P1230285 IMG 5915
20160523 171843 Beth 0019 P1230288 20160523 172223 Beth 0021
P1230291 20160523 172553 Beth 0023 P1230293
P1230294 P1230296 P1230297
P1230298 P1230299 P1230301
P1230302 P1230304 P1230306
P1230307 P1230308  New outhouse at Clark I P1230309
P1230310  New outhouse at Clark I P1230311  The Adventuress schooner 20160523 180404 Beth 0026
IMG 5916 IMG 5917 P1230312  Trophy for skipping a rock beyond that buoy
P1230314 20160524 072642 Beth 0027 P1230318
P1230320  3 seals behind us ducked under P1230322 P1230324